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M.Ed Admission Procedure:

To promote capabilities for inculcating national values and goals as mentioned in the constitution of India. To act as agents of modernization and social change. To promote social cohesion, international understanding and protection of human and rights of the child. To become competent committed professional willing to perform the identified task. To use competencies and skills needed for becoming an effective teacher. To be sensitive student teacher about emerging issues such as environment, population, gender equity, legal literacy etc. To inculcate rational thinking and scientific temper among the students. To develop critical awareness about the social realities among the students. To use managerial and organizational skills.

Admission shall be made on merit on the basis of marks obtained in the entrance examination.

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I. The Master of Education (M.Ed) programme is meant for candidates desirous of pursuing post-graduate programme in education. Besides preparing teacher educators, it also aims at preparing educational administrators, supervisors and researchers.
II. The M.Ed. programme would comprise theoretical courses including specialized courses in the discipline of education and related practical/field work including exposure to and training in a teacher education institution. In addition, research work in the form of a dissertation would form an essential part of the programme. Depending on the actual design and declared objectives, the programme provides opportunities for students to extend as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding of Education, specialize in selected areas including Teacher Education and also acquire related research skills.
III. Only institutions running B.Ed. programme are eligible to offer M.Ed. course except University Departments which may not be directly running a B.Ed. programme.


SCHOLARSHIPS:  Eligibility/requirement for each scholarship:-

  • Merit Scholarship: For Top position in college out of top ten  university position holder in every semester
  • Ch. Devilal poor Boy scholarship: For only one boy who is economically weak.
  • Mata Harki Devi poor girl scholarship: For only one girl who is economically weak

Eligibility Criteria

55% in B.ED


Duration: The M.Ed. programme shall be of a duration of two academic year.

Working Days:

I. There shall be at least two hundred working days exclusive of periods of examination and admission etc., for instruction, field work for dissertation and internship in a teacher education institution.
II. The institution shall function for a minimum thirty six hours in a week (five or six days). The teacher educators are expected to be available for individual attention, guidance and counseling for the student & teacher throughout the working hours.

There shall be a basic one unit of fifty students.

Fee Details

Annual fees (as decided by State Admission and Fee committee, Haryana & approved by NCTE) 44,000/-
University charges 4,130/-
Total 48,310/-

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