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On Recent Researches & Innovations in Sciences, Management, Education & Technology

On 27th-28th March 2018, JCD College of Education had organized 2nd Two Days International Conference on Recent Researches & Innovations in Sciences, Management, Education & Technology which was sponsored by Conference World, AR publications, New Delhi. A total of 150 delegates from various parts of India and abroad took part in this event. During the inaugural session, the Chief Guest and keynote speaker were Dr. R.K. Kohli, Vice Chancellor, Central University, Bathinda. Dr. Abubakar Mohammad, Astt. Prof., Modibo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria also delivered his lecture. This session was graced by Er. Akash Chawla, Management Director; Dr. R.R. Malik, Academic Director; Dr. Jai Parkash, Principal and all other principals of constituent colleges of JCDV.

Firstly Dr. Jai Parkash Principal and convener of this International Conference Welcomed all the guest and then Dr. R. R. Malik Director Academics JCDV, has given the brief Introduction of the Chief Guest . Prof. (Dr.) RK Kohli, in his address, said that in order to promote the economy of any country and to improve the quality of life of the people, the latest knowledge, technology, science and Engineering are essential fundamental objects. In the absence of science and technology, one country lags behind. Development, whether it is of a country or a person, it is associated with the proper growth and development of the techniques in many ways. We can say that there is a common partnership between each other in technical, science and development. Development in the field of science and technology is very important for people of any country to run side by side with the people of other countries. Developing countries like India today need basic research. Geographically today, India is surrounded by sea all over, whereas on the one hand the young mountain like the Himalayas, despite having such a natural estates, India is in the category of developing countries, because the research sector in India is not given as much attention as the developed of America I. Dr. Kohli urged to insist on the renewal energy.

Dr.  Abubakar Mohammad  Assistant Professor in Department of  Information and Technology  Adam University of Technology, Yola,  Nigeria as the keynote speaker said that the development of science and technology depends on the analysis of the facts and the proper understanding. The development of technology depends on the methods of application of various scientific knowledge in the right direction. Prof. Mohammed said that our future progress will depend on the efficiency of efficient processes for the industrial sector and development of better solutions of governance by maximizing innovation. It is necessary to include the spirit of innovation to all sectors like trade, government, education and society. Indian innovation strategy should focus on the origins of ideas that promote inclusive growth and benefit people at the bottom of the socio-economic space. There were four technical sessions and 1st technical session Chaired by Dr. Nivedita In charge Department of Education, Sirsa and Dr. Meena A.P. Department of Education, Sirsa. Second technical session chaired by Dr.  Abubakar Mohammad, Assistant Professor in Department of  Information and Technology  Adam University of Technology, Yola,  Nigeria and third technical session chaired by Dr. D.P.warne Associate Professor  Department of Commerce CDLU, Sirsa and forth Technical session was chaired by Dr. Harish MUdgil  A.P. Department of Chemistry CDLU,Sirsa . Delegates  from Nigeria at this International Conference Salahuddin Ahmad and Mohammad Abba Alkali presented their research papers.

During technical sessions, delegates presented their papers based on the theme of the conference. On 2nd day Dr. Washim Ahmad A.P. In Govt College of Rehabilitation, Chandigarh was the resource person and delivered lecture on Special Education . He said that according to the Act of 1995, the disability were of 7 types which would now be increased to 21 in Disability Act 2016 . He called upon the students to connects with the disabled students and  help them  , so that they can get better results according to their rights. Prof. Dilbag Singh, Dean Student Welfare, CDLU, Sirsa was Chief Guest of the valedictory session.

As a Chief guest in his address he said that our country is still very backward in the field of technology, education and manager, he requested researchers that the quality of work in the research work is very compulsory and said that today’s era is a technological age, special promotion should be given in technology and it can be possible only when we do technical research. The researchers approach should be positive . There are many challenges in the field of research, but the researcher should face these challenges. He congratulated the organizers for the successful organizing of this two-day International Conference Best paper presenters were honored by the dignitaries. Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Professor and Organizing  Secretary of the International Conference, thanked all the guests . On this occasion, the principal from all constituent colleges and Registrar , Sh.  Sudhanshu Gupta and  Dr. Atul Kumar Sharma, CEO Conference World and Dr. Resham Gupta, Electronics Department of KGIST Ghaziabad were also present.

Research in Education, Engineering, Science, Commerce, and Management: Innovative Practices, Applications and Impact- 2017 –  2nd March 2017.

We firmly believe that your participation will enrich the academic and intellectual content of this academic event. Please find enclosed herewith the seminar brochure and registration form. The last date for submission of abstract is 25th  February 2017 .

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We announce with great pleasure that Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal PG College of Education, Sirsa accredited by NAAC with ‘A’  Grade is organizing National Seminar on the theme“ Research in Education, Engineering, Science, Commerce, and Management: Innovative Practices, Applications, and Impact- 2017” on 2nd March 2017.  The endeavor is aimed at providing an opportunity to academicians, industry executives, consultants, practitioners, scholars and students to share their knowledge and experience on various aspects related to this topical issue. We cordially invite you and your esteemed colleagues to participate and present papers in the seminar on following sub-themes:


  • Identification of Research Gaps and Selection of Research Problem.
  • Research Methods in various types of Research Problems.
  • Emerging Trends and Current Issues in Researches.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Multidisciplinary Research Problems.
  • Orientation towards Citation, Impact Factors of Research Journals.
  • Writing Research Proposals, Research Papers/Reports for Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journals.
  • Funding Agencies and their Funding Mechanisms.
  • Use of SPSS in analysis and interpretation of Data in Research.
  • Verification and checking of Plagiarism in Research.
  • How to select the various Quantitative Statistical Techniques in Analysis and Interpretation of Data in Research.
  • How to formulate the various types of Hypotheses in Research.
  • The role of ICT in Educational Research.
  • Parametric and Non-parametric tests used in Research.
  • The role of Review of Related Literature in  Research.
  • Various types of Sampling Used in Research.
  • Various types of Tools used in Research.

 Looking forward for your participation

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